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Whoever you are and wherever you are on your life’s journey,
there is a place for you here at San Marcos Lutheran.
Do you sometimes have questions about faith?
At San Marcos Lutheran we encourage questions.
This is a place where God’s inclusive love is proclaimed.
We are a community of grace where we are equipped to follow Jesus in compassionately loving our neighbors.

All will be well…

Thoughts on the presence of God in all circumstances by Past Karla

(all quotes are songs from the Taizé Community)

“Within our darkest nights, you kindle the fire that never dies away.”

There has been a lot of fear lately in our society. Fear of immigrants, refugees, fear for what will happen to immigrants, refugees. Fear about the future of this country from all sides.
This fear is frequently expressed by anger. Anger is a secondary emotion, covering up the primary feelings
of grief, loss, lack of control, and anxiety.
It helps to ask ourselves what we are truly angry about, what is in our control and what is not. This can be a hard task, bringing back memories from childhood and early life. Honesty about our deeper emotions can be very helpful to us, to better understand ourselves, aid us in healing and help us respond with compassion.

“Our darkness is never darkness in your sight. The deepest night is clear as the daylight”

The best way we can respond to events in our world is to acknowledge that God is at work among us in this very moment. Whether or not we see the action of God, we know and believe that the Trinity is active, through us, around us, even despite us. We take heart and hold fast the promise that we will never be alone, that God works all things for good, and that Jesus will never fail us nor forsake us.

“Nothing can trouble, nothing can frighten. Those who seek God shall never go wanting. Nothing can trouble, nothing can frighten. God Alone fills us.”

St. Theresa of Avila, adapted to song by Taizé community
Secondly, we ask “God, how do you want me to respond?” We may be surprised at what God puts in front of us to do. It may be something as mundane as completing our regular daily tasks with love and compassion. It may include accepting situations we do not like. It may include welcoming others and seeing everyone as our neighbor. It may be a new dimension of doing justice, loving mercy and walking humbly with God.

“It is good to trust in the Lord our God, trust and hope in the Lord our God.”

Our response does not have to come from fear. It does not need to come from anger. Acknowledging that “God’s got this” can remove the burden that it’s all up to us. With this burden removed, we are free to move, give, take risks, respond to ourselves and others with love.

“In the Lord, I’ll be ever grateful. In the Lord, I will rejoice. Look to God, do not be afraid. Lift up your voices, the Lord is near; Lift up your voices the Lord is near.”

God is with us. God is active. We belong to God.

All will be well, all will be well, all will be well.