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Whoever you are and wherever you are on your life’s journey,
there is a place for you here at San Marcos Lutheran.
Do you sometimes have questions about faith?
At San Marcos Lutheran we encourage questions.
This is a place where God’s inclusive love is proclaimed.
We are a community of grace where we are equipped to follow Jesus in compassionately loving our neighbors.


Columbarium Column
Holy Spirit window near the columbarium

A columbarium is a group of niches or receptacles in a wall that serves as a resting place for cremated remains.  At San Marcos Lutheran, the columbarium is located inside the sanctuary.

A columbarium reestablishes more significant relationships between the community of the living and that of the deceased.  Many churches are now reclaiming their responsibility to deceased members and also to grieving relatives and friends.

IMG_4008Why do we have a columbarium at San Marcos Lutheran?

Cremation is becoming a common practice in the United States.  Inurnment of ashes in a church columbarium proves to be sensitive to the environment as well as considerably less expensive than commercial choices.  A columbarium is a healthy reminder for the living saints of the church that all are alive in Christ Jesus.  We worship in the presence of their earthly cremains as a reminder of those saints with those who have gone before us to be with God.

Who may purchase a niche/tile?

Niches in the columbarium are available for members of the congregation and their immediate families, previous members and previous Pastors.