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Whoever you are and wherever you are on your life’s journey,
there is a place for you here at San Marcos Lutheran.
Do you sometimes have questions about faith?
At San Marcos Lutheran we encourage questions.
This is a place where God’s inclusive love is proclaimed.
We are a community of grace where we are equipped to follow Jesus in compassionately loving our neighbors.

 MISSION STATEMENT:10690138_780140825404002_4634010572110479517_n

Our goal is to provide a loving and nurturing educational environment for young children. As a ministry of San Marcos Lutheran Church, we also support the mission statement of the church: “To know, accept and live the love of God and share it with others.”


 We are a developmental, play-based, Christian preschool. We believe that young children learn best through hands-on, play-based experiences. Our activities and materials are “developmentally appropriate” for young children. This means that the teachers and support staff take into consideration the age, individual development and interest level of the children when planning lessons and activities. Children are enc10660217_953726658045417_5161397131483350806_nouraged and taught to interact appropriately with their peers, develop problem solving skills, and work independently in the school environment. We believe that we are all God’s children and that we show our love for God by being kind and helping others. The children’s faith is nourished through Bible stories, songs, prayers, and Children’s Chapel Time. Our school environment supports learners across a wide range of abilities, developmental levels, language and cultural backgrounds, and learning styles. Through their learning experiences the children gain knowledge, confidence, independence and compassion for others that will help prepare them for future school and life experiences.

 This philosophy is endorsed by our accreditation board, the Evangelical Lutheran Education Association (ELEA) and by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).



We plan goals and activities for the children based on their individual learning styles, interests and skill levels. We help children learn and grow in the following areas:

  • Social (making friends, sharing, working with others, feeling comfortable in school)
  • Emotional (developing independence and self-control, experiencing pride in one’s work, having a positive attitude toward life and learning)
  • Cognitive (becoming a confident learner, solving problems, asking questions, trying out one’s own ideas)
  •  Linguistic (building a strong vocabulary, expressing ideas and feelings, gaining auditory and phonemic awareness)
  • Physical (using small and large muscle groups, practicing eye-hand coordination, developing writing skills)
  • Spiritual (knowing Jesus as a friend and helper, learning Bible stories, talking to God through prayer, helping others)